August 31, 2016

Located in the Niagara region at 3100 North Service Road in Vineland, Ontario, is The Lake House Restaurant – a dining experience that you won’t soon forget.

The exterior of the restaurant is incredibly lovely, with white siding and a charcoal-coloured roof sporting red chimneys. A vibrant green lawn welcomes you both as you make your way to the front entrance, as well as surrounds you when seated out on the scenic patio overlooking Lake Ontario.

Here’s my restaurant review which other bars should take into account when making customers feel welcome.

The Lake House Restaurant: Its Food and Temperament

The Lake House Restaurant: Blissful And Quaint

On my first visit last week, I had the pleasure of being seated directly beside a large window overlooking both the aforementioned patio and sparkling lake.

From my chair, I could see the boats sailing through the waters and even a large well overflowing with a plethora of multi-coloured florals just outside the glass pane.

Because we were there for dinner, I was even able to watch the sky melt into the reflecting waters beneath from bright blue, to yellow-orange, to a stunning purple-pink. If this doesn’t set a positive mood for your dining experience, then I don’t know what will!

In addition to the view being breath-taking, the menu was filled with so many delicious looking choices, I found it difficult to choose only one entrée.

As I poured over the The Lake House’s dinner menu at hand, I ordered the Lakehouse Fizz – a sweet gin-and-lychee-infused cocktail.

While sipping on this drink, I decided on ordering the shrimp and lobster mac and cheese for dinner’s main course with the tiger shrimp and semolina crusted calamari as appetisers (shared with my group).

The food seemed like it would be absolutely amazing simply by reading the menu, but savouring the actual flavours exceeded my expectations. I was glad that our waitress, Gigi, was able to give us suggestions off the menu.

Her service was exemplary as she was very sociable, funny, helpful and attentive to our table. I would highly recommend her if ever you have the opportunity to visit Lake House Restaurant!

An Essence Of Happiness

The Lake House Restaurant: Blissful And Quaint

The appetisers were extremely flavourful.

The Tiger Shrimp app was made with giant and juicy tiger shrimp marinated in smoked paprika alongside a delicious jalapeno and cheese curd sausage. There was a thick smear of rich pesto sauce along the edge of the bowl and a generous dollop of curried mango chutney and chimichurri.

Our second appetiser, the Semolina Crusted Calamari, was equally to die for. This consisted of a rather large portion of calamari rings and a smaller selection of tentacled calamari.

These were served along with three mouth-watering dips: sriracha aioli, sweet chili, and basil pesto aioli. It was even good dipped in the regular pesto left over from the Tiger Shrimp app!

When our main courses were brought to the table, I was certainly impressed! Fresh tiger shrimp and soft potato gnocchi were soaking up a garlic cream sauce.

This was baked with mozzarella, parmesan and goat cheeses all mixed within it – much to my delight. Resting in the bowl of this amazing entrée was a 2oz lobster tail baked to perfection.

I cleaned out the lobster meat and mixed it in with the shrimp and gnocchi, thoroughly coating it with the cheesy garlic sauce. The garlic toast served on the side was made even better by dipping it into the pool of rich cheeses.

Everything about this dish was utter perfection and I could not get enough of it. It was the perfect sized portion too, as the gnocchi dumplings are quite filling.

By the time the dessert menu came around, I was unsure how to find room for any more food. Despite this, I persevered. When mini desserts served in a tall shot glass are an option, how can you not?

I chose one with chocolate chips in a white cream. Next time though, I have my eyes on the Nutella option. This decadent dessert was enjoyed with a steaming pot of Tazo green tea – one of my favourite tea brands.

Lake House restaurant also has lunch and prix-fixe (for dinner) menus available. I would highly recommend this restaurant with a beautiful view and a delicious menu to anyone visiting the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada.

I will certainly be visiting again to try more of the items available on their extensive menu.

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