August 24, 2016

It was a friend’s wedding last weekend which opened my eyes to the work ethic of a bartender.

Before this night, I had little acquaintance of the importance of teamwork in bartending. With so much emphasis on creating the tastiest cocktail and impressing customers, we lose sight of the connection between employees.

Teamwork In Bartending

Bartending Is A Team Sport

A teeming bar of thirsty customers can stress most bartenders out, but not at this wedding reception in Cheshire. With only three young bar staff present in a tiny space, it would test even the best mixologists.

Intertwining bodies, not once did they bump into each other – and all without any verbal communication. With queues every 20 seconds, you’d think they’d lose their steam. However, they’d take another order whilst serving a prior customer.

Bartender courses

At most bars, staff ask you, “are you being served?” The bartenders worked so well that they knew who was being attended, without having to ask. This just exemplifies how important it is that employees connect well and know one another.

Each individual supported one another with tricky tasks, refilling the ice and ensuring all customers were being served. It was amazing to see how effortless they made it look and the enjoyment they got from it too.

With the bartenders having their own section to keep tabs on, all guests were served promptly. And let’s face it, there’s nothing more that British people hate – and that’s being ignored.

Develop Your Teamwork Skills

Bartending Is A Team Sport

Here are a few things you can do to promote better teamwork in bartending:

  • Don’t just hire staff because they’re experienced. Choose them because they fit in with the mood of the bar too. Staff of similar ages and with the same interests work efficiently together.
  • Encourage and help others. If you see someone struggling with something, assist without having to be asked.
  • Keep busy and don’t hog the ‘good tasks’. Sharing the workload with everyone means that everyone gets a fair share in everything.
  • Prepare staff for a busy shift. Be fully stocked up so you don’t have to keep running out of the room to get more drinks.
  • Communicate with one another. Getting to know employees improves work ethic and makes their lives easier.

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All the best and keep working hard!