June 22, 2016

So you’ve decided you want to be a bartender and you have all these questions swirling around in your head: how do I find a job? I’ve applied to bartending jobs, but not heard anything back. What do I do? Here are a few things to consider if you want to find bar work.

With more employers advertising vacancies, you’d presume that finding a position wouldn’t be as difficult as it is, but bartenders are more in competition with each other than ever. Mixology isn’t always just about cocktails, it can be tough labour work. But once you’ve found your passion, never give up on it.

Do not panic or give up on your thriving ambitions, because we have some productive advice to help you find bar work.

Ways To Apply For Bar Jobs

How To Find Bar Work

I know. It’s not exactly a hyperbolic statement – rather it’s a blatant way to find bar work, but yet so many aspiring bartenders aren’t applying to vacancies.

They leave their flattering CV saved on their desktop, hoping for someone to miraculously see it a saved Word document. Assuming that the CV is the only task they need to keep, they wonder why they’re still unemployed six months later.

Or there’s person two who is proud of themselves for applying to two jobs, but then frustrated at the world when it doesn’t give them what they thought it would.

Rather than moaning or wishing, you need to take action and use your initiative. Just because you’re positive that your experience and qualifications shine brighter than other candidates, doesn’t mean that bars will think you’re the right match for them. It’s not always personal, and maybe you’re unsuited because you are overqualified.

At AllBartenders, we post live bartending vacancies from all sectors surrounding the bar world regularly, so stay tuned to our social media and jobs page and then apply to those in your area and best suited to your passions and experience.

Even better.. sign up as a bartender and set up a notification, to be alerted whenever a job that suits you gets posted.

If you come across a bar or restaurant in your area that is hiring, don’t delay. Apply to it! What’s the worst that could happen? You won’t get it. At least you know you tried.

Update Your CV With Your Bartending Experience

How To Find Bar Work

Let’s say you were a bartender for a bar which you think is no longer relevant to add to your CV for whatever reason. You press hard on the backspace key and wipe away any traces of you having been there.

This is common for the unemployed because they don’t want their application form to include anything that is no longer relevant. Don’t erase any retail or customer service experience you may have because it’s not been behind a bar.

The skills you developed in these past jobs are transferable behind a bar. You had to smile and be polite to customers when you were having a bad day didn’t you? That exemplifies you can do that behind a bar too.

How to Find Bar Work

Here’s an important note: employers don’t like to see gaps in a person’s CV. We understand that you’ve applied to every bar work under the sun and have been unsuccessful without reason every time. But don’t let that bitterness for the job market stop you from moving on and still developing your skills.

The first thing an employer will ask is “why have you been out of work for four months?” And if your response is “nobody would hire me”, you’re suggesting that you are willing to wait around forever until someone chooses you.

Don’t be that person. Work part-time as a glass collector at your local bar if you must, volunteer on weekends when they need an extra hand, study mixology, review bars you have aspirations to work at… do whatever you can to demonstrate you’re using your time productively and willing to do anything to get into the field.

Remember that people who first scan through your CV know nothing about you. They don’t know that you used to play bartending with your friends when you were young because it always fascinated you, or how you’ve been down to ever bar in your town pleading to get hired.

Let your CV be a written representation of your work ethic. Use it to your advantage and allow it to help you stand out from the crowd. For example, why use a plain Word document when you can be creative and design your experience around a beer glass? That’s just one of the umpteen ways you can make yourself stand out from hundreds of other applicants.

Be Where The Bars (Your Employers) Are

How To Find Bar Work

Be part of the community on a bartender job site like AllBartenders.com.  We make applying for jobs stress-free and give the chance for recruiters to contact you directly.

Recruiters often browse the bartenders CV profiles listed and contact applicants direct to fill vacancies. So make sure you create your profile CV and update it with all your relevant experience and skills.

Share your online CV through social media to the bars facebook page or twitter to give all your information direct to the recruiter.

However, nothing will beat applying directly in the venuey.  The impression you can give when you meet the manager, and show how chatty, skilled and knowledgable you are in near impossible through a paper or online CV (but we try, by giving you the ability to add video, pictures and fun facts about you) Applying in person gives a personal touch and gives you a chance to scope out the environment and manager style.

Do your research by visiting bars regularly whilst looking for positions and build relationships with bar owners and other bartenders. Word of mouth isn’t dated just yet and you’ll be the first point of call if a position opens up rather than a complete stranger.

It’s true that it’s more about making connections with people in your industry than getting friendly with recruitment agencies and developing an addiction on job websites. But don’t forget to search our bar jobs daily for vacancies surrounding glass collectors, part and full-time bartenders and much more.

Keep striving if you want to find bar work and you’ll do it!