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Do you know your spirits?

February 21, 2017

There’s a new spirit recommendation service getting set up.. And they’re looking for your input There’s soon going to be a new service available which will automatically be able to recommend spirits dependant on your tastes.  This is to help give you clarity in what new spirits to try since we’re in the dawn of

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Classic Cocktails Every Bartender Should Know About

September 30, 2016

A clueless bartender drives us mad – especially when they have no idea about cocktails. If you’re starting out as a bartender, the cocktail world can be very confusing, which is why we’ve narrowed them down to the most popular mixes. Here are some classic cocktails every bartender should know off the top of their

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How These Bartenders Deal With Drunken Customers

September 18, 2016

We recently wrote a blog about bartenders dealing with over-friendly customers and rightfully, drunken behaviour fell into this category. Calming the person and making everyone in the bar feel comfortable is your priority – as is safety. It’s easier said than done when you’re starting out or the customer is causing problems in the bar. Need Hospitality Staff?

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The Quality Of An Excellent Bartender

September 13, 2016

An excellent bartender has to have many qualities. Dealing with over-friendly customers is one, but we also have to take charge of the room – including people’s safety and happiness. To some, our job is to serve drinks and handle money. But our role is a lot more complex than that. However, there are times

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Dealing With Over-Friendly Customers At A Bar

September 4, 2016

We have all worked in or been in a bar and had to suffer with the bartender who is overly flirtatious. Or perhaps the one who stepped just too far over the mark in to the realm of pestering in an attempt to get a phone number. It’s a nuisance to deal with over-friendly customers

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