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The Lake House Restaurant: Blissful And Quaint

August 31, 2016

Located in the Niagara region at 3100 North Service Road in Vineland, Ontario, is The Lake House Restaurant – a dining experience that you won’t soon forget. The exterior of the restaurant is incredibly lovely, with white siding and a charcoal-coloured roof sporting red chimneys. A vibrant green lawn welcomes you both as you make your way to

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Las Vegas Bars With A View

August 18, 2016

My partner and I are jetting to Las Vegas next month, for the second time this year. Las Vegas bars are so vibrant and lively that we were sucked back into their majestic aurora. Some may think we’re crazy for roving to the same place again, but regular Vegas tourists will understand why; it’s a

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Café Vin Cinq: A Multi-Award Winning Gem In The Heart of Warwickshire

July 24, 2016

I’ll make no apologies for the fact I’m about to write a bar review for where I work. I don’t intend to mislead anyone or present anything other than facts and my personal opinions on the industry and standards it should be achieving. I write from a place of pride, not arrogance, and you are welcome to

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A Little Bit of Parisian Elegance in Northern Ontario

May 22, 2016

Not too long ago, I wrote a review on Fireside Grill – my favourite restaurant in the Northern Ontario town of Elliot Lake. I had also noted that it is very difficult to find a decent restaurant to dine at there, let alone one with a nice atmosphere and delicious food. While I was visiting family up

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Best Dining Experience in Ontario’s Scenic Elliot Lake

May 19, 2016

In many small towns, it can be difficult (and sometimes absolutely impossible) to find a decent restaurant in Toronto to dine at, let alone one with a nice atmosphere and delicious food. For a long while, this was the case in Elliot Lake, a small town in Northern Ontario with a population shy of 11,500

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TGI Fridays: A Taste Of America

May 13, 2016

On my return from Vegas at the New Year, I’ve been hard at saving to plan for a house move (estate agent fees aren’t cheap and sofas don’t buy themselves). So I decided to treat myself for a full day dedicated to clothes shopping at The Trafford Centre, as a reward for not dipping in

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Dinner and An After-Party: Partying in the Queen Street West District

May 7, 2016

Not long ago, I went out with a group of people for a friend’s 22nd birthday. An abundance of attractions to visit in Toronto, she selected the Queen Street West District of Toronto as the area in which to have dinner and go clubbing afterward – a more artsy part of the city I actually really

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Cocktails And Euphoria At The Crazy Bear Fitzrovia

April 30, 2016

Once upon a time there was a family of three bears – Stadhampton, Fitzrovia and Beaconsfield. Opulent little bear caves full of exquisitely decorated and comfort first based seating. I walked into The Crazy Bear Fitzrovia purely because I knew there was a bar/restaurant through the doors from the outside, but it is difficult to tell what

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O’Grady’s On Church: Great Drinks, Great Location

April 16, 2016

O’Grady’s on Church is a pub I have frequented in the past couple of years with my best friend, both after and (admittedly at times) during what should be class times. This Toronto restaurant is located at 518 Church Street in the heart of The Village, conveniently close to Ryerson University where we go to school,

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The Blind Pig For Pure Cocktail Satisfaction

March 30, 2016

Walking past the Social Eating House twice a day for the past 12 months, I never realised the door next to it; humorously labelled ‘Opticians’ was the entrance to a dark, glowing and subtly uplifting cocktail bar with a great, filling snack menu – The Blind Pig. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of bars

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