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The Greatness of Agave

April 14, 2017

Nothing speaks to the arresting unity of tradition and taste quite like tequila and its cousin mezcal. They are revered for a rich, nationalistic history as well as their broad variety of expressions. Tequila and mezcal carry with them a reputation of both credibility and versatility. What makes agave great? Whether sipped solo or mixed

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Women and Whiskey

February 28, 2017

Whiskey.  As long as it’s been distilled, whether as bourbon, rye, single malt, Irish, English, scotch or any other variant, the spirit has been clothed in machismo; the ultimate guy drink. So where does this put women and whiskey? George Bernard Shaw referred to it as “liquid sunshine.” Mark Twain felt that while “too much

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Stop The Stigma That Bars Are Expensive

September 23, 2016

Friends and I recently spent over £40 for an hour-stay at TGI Fridays. Some grumbled when they saw the bill, and some handed over their card expression-less. Our salaries are virtually identical and we each have similar outgoings with a mirrored approach to money. Yet why do some feel that bars are expensive? Are Bars

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