April 16, 2016

O’Grady’s on Church is a pub I have frequented in the past couple of years with my best friend, both after and (admittedly at times) during what should be class times.

This Toronto restaurant is located at 518 Church Street in the heart of The Village, conveniently close to Ryerson University where we go to school, and Yonge-Dundas Square in the hub of downtown Toronto.

It’s also only a couple of blocks away from the underground parking garage where we leave his car before class most mornings, so it seems almost like a missed opportunity to not pop into the pub every once in a while.

O’Grady’s Food and Drink

O’Grady’s On Church: Great Drinks, Great Location

They’ve got a decent variety of liquors and beers available, and their cocktails are actually quite good.

My last visit a couple of weeks ago left me tempted to try their breakfast menu while sitting on their patio on one of the first warm mornings of 2016; I eyed the Eggs Benedict as well as the peach mimosa special and ended up opting for both.

Perhaps the greatest allure of the place on that Wednesday morning was the pretty little flower baskets on each patio table, signaling the ushering in of the spring season.

With sunglasses perched on our noses and leather jackets lightly enveloping us, we couldn’t help but relax on that airy, temperate morning and chatting into the early hours of the afternoon.

O’Grady’s On Church: Great Drinks, Great Location

I was delighted when my meal arrived, delving into the delicious plate with the excitement that can only come with not having had proper hollandaise sauce for a couple of years.

The combination of the buttery sauce with egg yolk dripping over perfectly cooked peameal bacon and English muffins toasted to a golden brown, I was in utter culinary bliss.

As I enjoyed my breakfast, my friend and I people watched as individuals meandered along Church Street: dog walking, rushing to work, chatting in small groups, running errands, or just simply going for a stroll on a beautiful day.

Perfect For Day And Night

O’Grady’s On Church: Great Drinks, Great Location

Though it’s nice to pop in during the day for a more calm meal like this, we’ve found ourselves coming to O’Grady’s even at night.

With events like Dirty Bingo and Trivia Night (among other occurrences scattered throughout the week), there’s always something fun happening on nights at the pub.

One night no more than a month ago, we went with a larger group of friends for appetisers and drinks and found ourselves in the midst of a quiz night.

Listening to short clips of music played by drag queen Allysin Chaynes, the whole pub scrambled to figure out the song title and artist singing the songs in attempts to win the grand prize. With the winning group getting a free brunch at the restaurant, we were dead set on winning.

Though unfortunately we were unable to come up with the artist for one song and the song title for another (and consequently lost to another group in the competition), it was certainly a fun time trying to figure each one out.

All in all, O’Grady’s is a great place to hang out with friends – be it inside the pub itself or lounging out on the beautiful outdoor patio to people watch and enjoy the weather.

Next time you’re strolling through the area and want to grab a bite to eat or a cool drink, be sure to stop in for a bit. You won’t be disappointed!

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