February 18, 2016

A buzzing Friday night, the lively streets of Soho, one thirsty MartiniMule with sense of adventure.

London is known for its mysterious underground discoveries when it comes to nightlife. There are also many romantic bars in London for people of all budgets and interests.

You might be walking the streets of soho during daytime and think you know all the places you pass on your way. But come night, and the doors you never knew were there start opening in the oddest places.

Review Of Milroy Of Soho

Milroy's of Soho - The Romantic Cellar Bar

I have been walking past this little place called Milroy’s of Soho for at least a year now! Not knowing that it has a very ‘Scooby Doo’ like secret back-of-the-shop bookcase entrance to a quirky whisky cellar bar underneath it.

I decided to try their offerings and write a review about this inconspicuous bar.

The dark and romantic cellar bar is very much like a pub, but has that ‘modern cool’ about it that only candle light and dark cloudy cocktails can create.

As we squint our eyes to see what cocktail choices are available, two drinks jump out as the least whiskey-like ones (as neither myself or my date are particular whiskey fans).

We go for the following: Flying Peach: Nectarines & blackberries infused gin, lemon, Maraschino, Regal Rouge. It arrives in the type of glass I enjoy drinking out of the most! ( no ice cubes and more of the good stuff so no loss in taste).

What I was hoping when reading the make-up of the cocktail was a heavy, yet fruity drink with that sweet taste of vermouth (Regal Rogue). I could definitely taste the heaviness in the drink – more like a drink made up of whiskey but disguised by taste of blackberries.

It’s quite fitting to the location of this cellar bar underneath a whiskey shop really! I believe this place is more enjoyable for whiskey lovers or the neutral bottle of wine/sparkly orderers looking for cosy discoveries.

Another drink I tried was, Charlie Brown: Peanut infused bourbon, sea salt, mint syrup, PX sherry, chocolate bitters – you can see why one would go for this cocktail, can’t you?

It reads like a recipe for a sea-salt caramel chocolate bar with an after-eight to finish. Again, this drink really surprised me in a way because it tasted nothing like what we expected.

I suspect due to the lack of whiskey, love and knowledge more than anything else.

I could really taste the smokiness of the PX sherry. I suspect this is due to the higher acidity of the PX sherry mixed with the bourbon. Chocolate bitters adds this tinge of raw cacao to the sting of the bourbon.

This one is a real man’s drink.

We didn’t stay to find out about more cocktails as it was very clear from the choices that we were in foreign tasting grounds at a whiskey bar. It is a great place to bring a date who isn’t into her vodka cocktails and would rather sip some wine or bubbles as the place looks and feels very romantic, yet allows the man to really enjoy the whiskey choices available from the multi tiered cocktail menu specialising in various aged whiskeys.

Also a great place to just casually pop into during your night out in Soho to show off your cool credentials (pre 23:30 though, as it doesn’t stay open past midnight).

A great adventure into the unknown!

Cocktails Rating: 6 out of 10
Venue Rating: 8 out of 10

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