May 22, 2016

Not too long ago, I wrote a review on Fireside Grill – my favourite restaurant in the Northern Ontario town of Elliot Lake.

I had also noted that it is very difficult to find a decent restaurant to dine at there, let alone one with a nice atmosphere and delicious food.

While I was visiting family up that way last week, my cousin took me for lunch at the most chic little place located at 151 Ontario Avenue. I suppose you can say that there are now two great places in a town that was previously lacking in the culinary industry.

Crème de Chantilly’s Feminine Aura

A Little Bit of Parisian Elegance in Northern Ontario

Crème de Chantilly (previously called Jane’s Tea Garden before its recent renovations) is a gorgeous little Parisian-style eatery that, while you’re inside, makes you feel as if you are dining in Provence.

From the lace tablecloths encircled by old wooden chairs, to Crème de Chantilly’s chalkboard menus, to the shabby French décor, everything about this café is positively lovely.

The two ladies we had the pleasure of speaking with behind the counter were extremely friendly and personable, making me want to stay and chat a while longer than one usually would.

Plus, the soft and feminine aura that the place gives off makes it the perfect place for a group of girlfriends to hang out for afternoon tea, or even the perfect place to take your mom for a bite to eat.

A Little Bit of Parisian Elegance in Northern Ontario

I had ordered the Chantilly Trio, which gave me the perfect sampling of what they had to offer. With my meal, I chose half of a warm chicken parma panini, a bowl of belly-warming roasted red pepper soup (their soup du jour), and a small garden salad with creamy dressing. To accompany our meal, my cousin and I each had a glass of freshly made iced tea.

In addition to the various selections on their menu, they also have a number of fresh pastries ready to go under glass-domed serving trays.

After some debate as to what we should buy, my cousin and I picked out three rich chocolate cupcakes topped with a thick chocolate icing as well as a slice of coconut cream pie.

Just as with their regular menu, the desserts were to die for. Everything was baked for the perfect amount of time and neither too sweet nor too rich.

There was just the right amount of each ingredient in their sweets selection. After a yummy lunch like we had, the dessert was the icing on the cake (yes, that pun was definitely intended).

While visiting Elliot Lake, Crème de Chantilly is definitely the kind of place that anyone who likes a quaint and visually appealing atmosphere should stop at to eat.

When you’re done enjoying your time there, there are plenty of places to check out in the area. Do you love nature? I would suggest taking a stroll on any of the town’s breathtaking trails.

If you don’t feel up to walking, the Deer Trail driving route is so beautiful it almost brings you to tears!

If you happen to be in town, let us know what you think. Did you love Crème de Chantilly as much as I did?

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