December 29, 2015

This page will explain the process of

How to post a bar job

Posting a bar job listing on is really simple. You don’t need an account to start with, you can create your account at the same time. The fields to fill in, will guide you through the entire process.

  1. First head to the post a job pagePost a job help 1 homepage
  2. Select the job title of the position you’re looking to hire (choose a pre-defined position, or choose “other” to create your custom job title)
  3. Select the closing date for the job position (this defaults to 4 weeks away)
  4. Select whether the position is a full time / part time, or one off event
  5. Then add the description. Try to give as much detail as possible.  the more detail the better. you can include things like rate of pay, opportunities, training, whether the person should have experience, or duties they should expect to carry out.
  6. Select the desirable skills that you’d like the applicant to have. You can choose as many as you want
  7. Select whether you have or haven’t registered yet. This is where you’ll create your account if you don’t already have one.  If you haven’t got an account, you’ll be asked for
    1. your first and last name (these wont be displayed anywhere on the site, this info is just for when we contact you)
    2. your email address is where all notifications and applications will be sent, so ensure that you enter it correctly
    3. your phone number, again, this will not be displayed
    4. the venue name. This will be displayed, and your advert will be tied to this specific venue
    5. venue location.  Enter the specific location of the venue. you can be as accurate as you’d like to be, whether by post code or street name and number.  The more accurate you are here, the more precise the pin on your map on your venue page will be
    6. finally choose your password
  8. Hit create your job
  9. Almost there, as you’ll then be presented with the payment page.
  10. once your payment and / or discount code is confirmed, your job will be live, and a notification will be sent out immediately to all registered bartenders who have opted to receive notifications

What’s next with your bar job?

Check to make sure that your job ad displays all the correct information and that it is shown in the list of available bar jobs

Share and spread the word – use the links on your job to share it out on social media or any channel you have at your disposal. We’ll do our best to promote and fill the job post.

Build your venue page. Information here will be pulled through to all job adverts you create for this venue

  1. add your logo (this will be shown along side all your job ads, as well as in the venue listing page)
  2. add a relevant top image to personalise your page
  3. add information about your venue
  4. add pictures of your venue
  5. include a video of your venue
  6. add all your social media and website links

If there is anything you are unsure about, just let us know, and we’ll be happy to help

All the best with your recruitment and interviews