December 29, 2015

This page will explain the process of

How to post a bar job

Posting a bar job listing on is really simple. You don’t need an account, as we’ll walk you through creating one in a few easy stept.

  1. First head to the post a bar job page
  2. Type the job title of the position you’re looking to hire
  3. Add the location of the bar job
  4. Select whether the position is a full time / part time, freelance etc
  5. Select whether the position is in the bar area, kitchen area, management, front of house etc.
  6. Add any tags you feel are relevant to your job
  7. Then add the description. Try to give as much detail as possible.  the more detail the better. you can include things like rate of pay, opportunities, training, whether the person should have experience, or duties they should expect to carry out.
  8. Define where applications should be sent, whether this is an email address or a specific web page.
  9. Select the closing date for the job position (this defaults to 4 weeks away)
  10. and detail the salary

The next section will only appear if you’ve not signed in, and will help in the creation of your account, and give the information which will remain relatively standard on all your future job posts (though this is all editable whenever you want)

  1. Add your Company name
  2. Link to your relevant website
  3. If you want, you can add a tagline about your company
  4. If you’ve got a video about you as an employer / company on youtube or vimeo you can upload this
  5. Add your twitter username
  6. Then finally upload your logo

Hit “preview” to check the information on your job post.  From here you’re able to go back and edit it, or take it forward.

Almost there. Select what package option you want, to post your job opportunity

Then finally complete payment (if required) and continue.  Then your job will be live

Any member who has opted to receive notifications about new job opportunities that match your post, will receive a notification.

What’s next with your bar job?

Check to make sure that your job ad displays all the correct information and that it is shown in the list of available bar jobs

Share and spread the word – use the links on your job to share it out on social media or any channel you have at your disposal. We’ll do our best to promote and fill the job post.

Managing your jobs

If you ever need to update your job adverts, you can do that all from within your account.  Just head to the my jobs area of your account

You’re able to perform these functions with any of your job adverts.

  • edit your job. fix a spelling mistake, update the salary, or include details you’d forgotten previously
  • mark the position as filled. If you’ve filled the job, you may not want to receive any more applications, so just click this option to do that
  • duplicate a previous job. A handy option if you’re looking for a similar / same job post as you’ve previously listed. You’ll be able to amend the details before posting the job, but it will save you re-typing the description agian
  • delete the job listing.  One step further than marking your job as filled, this completely removes your job listing from being visible as well as able to be applied to

Managing your applicants

Once your job is receiving applications, you can organise and manage applicants from within your account.

Head to your my jobs section within your account. Beside each job listing you’ll see a column for “applications”.  When you’ve received applications for your jobs, there will be a number in that column.

  • Click on that number to reveal the details of the applicants
  • From here you can
    • expand each applicants row to see their cover letter and information
    • download any attachments such as a CV or cover image they may have sent with their application
    • open your email provider to send them a direct email
    • make private notes on each applicant (e.g. if you’ve spoken to them and want to remember specific aspects)
    • Give them a rating from 1 to 5 (which will display in the star ratings visible before expanding their info
    • Categorise them into different lists, so you can sort and find each applicant
      • new (default)
      • interviewed
      • offer extended
      • Hired
      • Rejected
      • Archived
    • Sort and filter. Once you’ve given them a rating, or categorised them, you’re able to sort and filter to find all 5 stars that have been interviewed (for example)
    • Ultimately, you can delete their file if you defintly dont want to contact them again
    • You can also download a csv file of all applicants, if you find it easier to work from a spreadsheet.

If there is anything you are unsure about, just let us know, and we’ll be happy to help

All the best with your recruitment and interviews