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    I recently bartended at a venue. The owners of the venue were rude and unprofessional and after the event I left what I thought was a fair review of the venue and the attitudes of the owners. About 6 days later the owner contacts me regarding my review and claims to have proof that I served minors. They also state that they were going to let it go but since they found my review they are going to contact the authorities about my supposed serving of minors. This is a false allegation as I card anyone who looks to be under 40 and know I did not serve any minors. Have any of you faced something similar? Is there anything I can do? It seems so shady that the owners of the venue would threaten something so serious because they were unhappy with the review I left. I’ve seen other reviews about them from couples getting married at their venue who have mentioned that the owners threatened legal action as a result of negative reviews.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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