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    A proper post. About the Bar.

    Yes. I writing to get the free flair course. I did consider leaving this opportunity to someone who was more, well, coordinated. But I didnt.

    First, I wanted to say how grateful I am to see the forum added.
    This will give me a much awaited chance to share my knowledge of the industry with others. More importantly, solicit others, and shamelessy promote my rather new start-up: rentabartender.ca. We’re hiring!!

    Now that Ive gotten that out of my system, (and by that I am not referring to the Woodford Reserve, double-oaked concoction) I wanted to say a few words about the industry. But, ill type them instead.

    I used to think that mixology was the end all be all to this indusrty, and was greatly confused as to why it was not more popular than it is. Its very, and supported mostly by those that work in the industry. Dare I say, incestous. Not a judgement, Families that play together, stay together. I think that came out wrong… All Im saying is that Ive come to realize that the truth of the matter is that
    ” A good mixologist can give you a great drink,
    while a good bartender can give you a great night”.
    I borrowed this from Chris at A bar Above. Thanks Chris.
    Ive come to realize that not everyone is excited about cocktails as I am.
    They have families that they are close to, but not too close, they have careers, you know, real jobs, girlfriends and fiances, and dogs. Mine died.
    God bless you Tequila. Yes, that was her name, on the papers. (Soft sob).

    And as much as thats good, and fine and all. And I am truly happy for you and your 200k roadster buddy, I feel that the reason this isnt as close to others hearts as it is mine (apart from all of those in my AA group, such as Rick, Ameera, or Shawn…) is that the industry has done a very poor job of having edukated them. Having nearly completed high-school myself, I know the value of a real edukation. And the price of not having had one. Did i mention I tend bar? Point is, the better i get at this whole putting liquids into a glass thing, the more I realize how simple it really is. And how much I like to drink. What Im trying to type is, that if we helped people to figure out how much more socially acceptable their drinking would be, if we helped em “dress it up” a little, maybe there would be more of us out there (and less at AA?) willing to indulge in this privelaged and far from inexpensive habit.

    But Ill stop there, before telling you how to actually do this. (Did I mention I have a website? rentabartender.ca) Mostly because I feel the word count is high enough to justify my free course. Again, a special thanks to A bar above, and their mixology program (but Im still waiting for the discount to be refunded to me:s)



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