August 14, 2016

Flair bartending is an art which some people are born with, and others train for years to master.

With all of the attacks to mixologists, such as the dangers of the Monsieur, it’s time we united and celebrated the endowed individuals in our industry.

Here are the most jaw-dropping flair bartending moments.

Flairtenders Get Extreme

Not all bartenders have dazzled people by shaking their shakers, and still to this day, not all bar workers practice it.

The space surrounding these pros is piddling, yet they still throw glass bottles in the air like it’s a soft ball. It might not be notorious in every bar in the world, but for the dedicated few who pull it off, we applaud you for always bringing a smile to our face.

Bartender courses

Here are a few outstanding contestants.

Sometimes the best way to wow a crowd is to perform in teams. Your customers will be dazed for days with these tricks.

Flair bartending is a talent after all, so we’re not surprised to see a pro competing on a TV talent show. Check out his moves (don’t blink or you’ll miss it).

This clip is like watching magic unfold; it makes you wonder what powers you’ll get from sipping a cocktail crafted from a conjurer like him. Turning bartending into a fluent dance movement, it’s mesmerising to witness.

His skills make me want to weep into a strong cocktail. Check out how much he loves his job and relishes in a swarming environment. Give him more arms and imagine what else he could bring!

Completely baffled by these moves?

Here’s an awesome tutorial for beginners.

Are you in the same league as these bartenders? Submit your videos to Twitter or Facebook to prove your flairs.