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for venues / employers

Q) i'm looking to hire a bartender / staff for my venue, what do i need to do?

A) Simply go to the "Post a Job" page (link at the top of this page) and enter the details of the job you are offering.

Q) i have more than one job opening. can i advertise multiple jobs with you?

A) Yes, no problem at all. We provide a very simple option for posting multiple jobs.

Q) does it matter that i am looking for part time or temporary bar staff?

A) Not a problem. You can propose any length of contract or hours available as you wish, from one off events to full time permanent jobs. Just be clear in your job listing to what you're offering.

Q) i need a bartender that can perform flair, can you help?

A) Yes, no problem. In when posting a job, select all the desirable skills that you'd like the applicants to have

Q) i need last minute staff to cover sickness, can you help?

A) Yes, no problem. Simply go to the registered bartenders (using the link at the top of th epage) and search for local bartenders and enquire with any and all bartenders directly that fit your needs to see if they can accommodate.

Q) do we need to fill out our company details each time we place a bartender job post?

A) Not at all. The details which are constant to your venue (like address, name, etc) are all stored in your account. So this information only needs filled in once.

Q) what if i don't want to make an account? i just want to post a job

A) Unfortunately, you need an account, so that you can edit, amend or delete your job listing. There are many other benefits of having an account, but this is the most basic reason for the need to create an account.

for home parties and private hires

Q) i am hosting a house party and need bartender. what do i do?

A) You can post a job as a one off event. Any available bartenders will respond to your job advert

Q) how do i find a bartenders in my area?

A) It couldn’t be easier. Simply put your location (postcode / zip code or town) in the location search box and select your location. You will be presented with bartenders closest to you at the top of the list.

Q) i am looking for a bartender for a cocktail making masterclass, how do i find him/her?

A) Head to the Bartenders page through the link above, and use the skills filter to show the bartenders who can provide you with a cocktail class.

Q) will the bartender throw bottles in the air like tom cruise in the film cocktail?

A) Bartenders who do this are called flair bartenders. If the bartender does this he/she will have this listed on their profile. Head to the Bartenders page through the link above, and use the skills filter to show the bartenders who can perform flair bartending

Q) i am looking for a sophisticated bartender for a dinner party i am hosting. will i find one on allbartenders.com?

A) The bartenders listed vary in age, style and skills. We are confident you will find the bartender you are looking for, simply search the bartender page for your suitable bartender.

Q) will the bartender come to my house/office/venue to provide my service?

A) Yes, bartenders will come to you. Just put in your location (post/zip code or town) into the location search box, and you will see all the bartenders closest to you, then enquire direct with the bartenders that you would like to come along.

Q) how do i get in touch with the bartenders i am interested in booking?

A) Go to the page of the bartender and click the enquire button. You will then be able to send a message the bartender a directly. Try to give as much details as possible about the event / service that you are looking for. This way, they will be able to reply quickly with a complete package asap

Q) where are the bartenders located?

A) We have new bartenders coming on to our site all the time. Simply use the location search on the bartenders page to find the closest bartenders to you.

Q) i was really happy/unhappy with the service the bartender provided how can i review him/her?

A) Simply go to their page on Allbartenders.com and leave them a review just under their profile picture.

Q) are the bartenders employed by allbartenders.com?

A) No they are not employed by us nor in partnership with us. We only list the bartenders information.

Q) will i need to supply glassware etc

A) Your bartender will tell you what he/she can provide and will give you a cost for the service as you want it.

Q) when do i pay the bartender?

A) The contract will be between yourself and the bartender, and he/she will let you know before you confirm the booking when payment is to be made.

for bartenders

Q) how much does it cost to be on allbartenders.com?

A) Absolutely nothing. It's completely free to promote yourself on All Bartenders

Q) i'm looking for a permanent job, can allbartenders.com help me?

A) Yes. keep simply search the "job search" page at the top. You can also set up notifications for your chosen criteria from within your account so you'll be notified as soon as new jobs come on that interest you.

Q) how do i sign up?

A) Head to “Bartender sign up” at the top right of any page, and fill in your details. Simpe

Q) how do i get my profile to be shown in )or hidden from) the bartenders list?

A) First you must have a profile picture. Then within "my account" area, you are able to toggle your profile from being active to not active. This will show / hide you in the bartenders list.

Q) why should i make my profile active and shown in the bartender list when i can apply for jobs?

A) Your profile is like your online CV. It will only be attached to your job applications if your profile is shown publically. It will give a much better representation of your skills and your experience to any potential employer.

Q) do i need to have a qualification or training to list my services or apply for jobs?

A) No. However if you do have formal or even informal training or qualifications list them on your profile for a better chance

Q) do you take commission on any of the bookings made or jobs secured?

A) No. You negotiate the cost of your service directly with the potential customer / employer and you keep it all.

Q) what will i get on my profile?

A) You will get areas to display important info like location, experience, skills and an about you section, but there are many more areas you can add to, with images, a video and references. All designed to promote you as best as possible.

Q) can i limit how far i will travel?

A) Yes you can determine how far you will travel from your base location.

Q) i would like bartender training, can you help?

A) Yes just contact us using the link at the bottom of the page and we will let you know of a bartender training centre near you.

Q) will my profile appear in search engines?

A) Your profile may be indexed by search engines and so may appear in search engine searches.

Q) am i required to put a picture of myself on my profile

A) your profile cannot be shown in the bartender list without an image uploaded to your account. Try to make sure it is a close up, relevant image.

Q) i'm a mobile bar company, can we list our company on allbartenders.com

A) Yes, but not in the bartenders section. The primary function for companies is to allow you to find staff. Please create your profile by first posting a job through the link at the top. You can list your individual bartenders for free by creating a profile for each of them.

Q) should i get back in touch with people who enquire?

A) Yes absolutely. We really recommend that you make contact with anyone who get in touch with you through AllBartenders asap, or at least within 24 hours of them contacting you. Answer all of their questions and give them a quote.

Q) how do i cancel my profile?

A) You can stop your profile being live at any time. Just log into your account and toggle the profile from active, to non active

Q) how do i add pictures?

A) On your profile, you should have 1 main image for your headshot. This should be an in focus, close up of you. You can also change your background image. Then finally you have a full gallery, where you can upload as many images as you want to help promote yourself.

Q) do you have any tips on what makes a profile good?

A) First of all make sure the pictures you put on your page are of you, and weren’t taken 10 years ago. People will hire you on your bartending skills however sometimes they will be looking for a certain type of person so your picture should be a true representation of you. Make your images sharp. Proof read your text, make sure there are no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.

Q) can people review me on allbartenders.com

A) Yes they can give you a star rating and comment. You should ask the company, group or person who hired you to visit your page and review your services … People like hiring bartenders with good reviews so make sure you ask people for a review after you have completed the service.

Q) what if i have to cancel a confirmed booking?

A) The contract is between you (the bartender) and the person booking you. You might find it helpful coming back onto Allbartenders and finding another bartender to cover for you.

Q) do i need insurance for doing home / mobile events?

A) We strongly recommend that you take out all necessary insurance needed to carry out the services you offer.

affiliates / partners

Q) what is a partner?

A) A partner of All Bartenders is someone who introduces a venue, employer or job seeker to our website. If they become a paying customer, you receive a % of every sale they make.

Q) can anyone become a partner?

A) Yes anyone that has a pay pal account can become a partner.

Q) how do i sign up as a partner?

A) If you register as a bartender, or post a job you'll automatically have access to the partner area. Otherwise, head to the partner area link at the bottom of this page, and apply

Q) do i need to be a bartender, or in the bar industry to become a partner?

A) No, not at all. You do need to understand the website, and the service we provide, but you do not need to actively be a bartender, or connected to the bar industry to earn commission.

Q) what will i get paid?

A) You will be paid a percentage of ALL SALES (now and in the future) that the customer you refer makes. Click the partner area link in the footer to see the current % we pay.

Q) as a partner am i employed by you?

A) No. By becoming a partner you are not employed by nor in any kind of partnership with us or any of our companies or websites. All money earned by you by being a partner is gross of any tax. It is your responsibility to pay any local, national or international tax etc which such income attracts.

Q) how many referals can i make?

A) There is no limit to this. if you refer 1, 100 or 1000 venues, you will receive your commission for all the venues, for every payment they even make through their account.

Q) when will i get paid?

A) You will be paid monthly

Q) can i stop being a partner?

A) Yes you can stop being a partner at any time. Once you are no longer a partner you will stop being paid any commission from past introductions. If you stop being a partner and then re-start as a partner again you will not be paid a % for the introductions made when you were previously a partner. You will only be paid for the new introductions that happens after you re-registered as a partner

Q) how will i get paid?

A) We will transfer your fee's monthly by pay pal (or stripe if in the USA), so ensure you have the correct email address registered with us.

Q) are there further partner terms and conditions?

A) Yes there are specific terms and conditions that cover the partner program