May 7, 2016

Not long ago, I went out with a group of people for a friend’s 22nd birthday.

An abundance of attractions to visit in Toronto, she selected the Queen Street West District of Toronto as the area in which to have dinner and go clubbing afterward – a more artsy part of the city I actually really love.

Did you know that Vogue magazine rated it as the second coolest neighborhood in the world.

I can certainly attest to that.

On this night, a restaurant/club combination was opted for in our beautiful and chic city’s “cool” region: Both located at 1096 Queen St. W., The Good Son is a kitschy little Italian restaurant on the main floor of the building and its sister club, Wayward, is situated directly above on the second floor.

Food And Drink At The Good Son

Dinner & An After-Party: Partying in the Queen Street West District

The Good Son, is a kitschy and vibrant eatery.

From the gorgeous chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, to the vintage china plates or framed variously sized photographs decorating the walls, to shelves of mismatched chachkas and old books, this place reminded me of a bygone time.

I love old-looking places, and this establishment radiated that very vintage yet warm and homey feel.

The relatively extensive menu for The Good Son looked absolutely delicious, especially that variety of pizza. But our large group was given a smaller menu of options to choose from simply because of the sheer size of our number.

Deciding from this less widespread list (but thankfully, getting to dabble in food items for different meal courses) I chose to try the ash roasted eggplant with grilled naan, labneh, and pikliz as an appetizer; an heirloom green salad with red oak, radish, and maple mustard vinaigrette for my pre-entrée salad; and a cheeseburger with house-made cheese, Russian dressing, and hand-cut Fries as my main course.

The appetizer was pretty good, the entrée was both fresh and mouth-wateringly delicious, but I absolutely devoured the salad.

I’m not normally a huge salad person because they’re very rarely done extremely well, but the combination of flavours that this particular salad that was offered was divine.

Plus, it was the perfect size, leaving enough room in one’s appetite for the final dish to be eaten.

To drink, a few of my friends and I shared a bottle of Matto Pinot Grigio (2014, made in Italy) and it was absolutely perfect. I also saw some of the cocktails that my friends ordered, and the presentation of them was lovely!

The Wayward, Toronto’s Unique Energy

Dinner & An After-Party: Partying in the Queen Street West District

When dinner was over at around 10.15pm, we simply walked out the front door of The Good Son and made our way up to Wayward through an adjacent entryway.

Thankfully, our larger group (particularly one charismatic and persuasive girl) got the whole lot of us in without having to either wait in the long line up of people, or having to pay a cover fee.

Maybe that had something to do with the fact that she said we were a group of just girls when we actually weren’t? (Oops).

The inside of Wayward had a unique energy.

The venue was decorated to look almost like a vandalized Victorian manor; I was obsessed with the décor and to be honest, probably spent more time admiring it all than a normal person my age (A.K.A.: the other people in the club…and even in my group of friends).

The actual club is located down a long hallway once you reach the top of the flight of stairs leading to the second floor, and then opens up into a long and narrow space, with the bar situated almost right as you walk in and the dance floor extending down past it.

Cocktails were a little bit pricey in comparison to other bars in Toronto, and were less fancy in presentation than Wayward’s sister restaurant downstairs, but presentation never seems to matter when a bunch of people are crammed into a small space partying (a space that only filled up as the night went on), and the flavor of the drinks are still good.

They were playing a lot of Drake, hip-hop music, and dance versions of currently popular songs, but not everyone was dancing.

There seemed to be more of a ‘stand around and chat’ vibe going on. There were also a lot of people who had bottle service, and were sitting around socializing in their individual groups’ booths.

It was a nice change to see younger well-dressed people not flailing around and raging like maniacs. Sometimes, a change in scenery is much needed, and Wayward provided that by being a club that’s nevertheless not-so-‘club-like’.

Both The Good Son and Wayward were great spots to try in Toronto’s Queen Street West District.

I would definitely be up to going to both venues again, should the opportunity arise.

More than just the good entertainment, food, and drinks provided by both establishments, the overall visual appeal of both were amazing.

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