April 30, 2016

Once upon a time there was a family of three bears – Stadhampton, Fitzrovia and Beaconsfield. Opulent little bear caves full of exquisitely decorated and comfort first based seating.

I walked into The Crazy Bear Fitzrovia purely because I knew there was a bar/restaurant through the doors from the outside, but it is difficult to tell what the building is as there is no sign on the outside attracting everyone from the streets.

This is just one of the bars around the UK to visit which is suitable for day or night time socialising.

It seems it has hidden doors and I don’t want to ruin this for you but you must check the ladies/gents rooms before you leave the bar as it is an experience in itself!

Entering The Crazy Bear Fitzrovia

Cocktails And Euphoria At The Crazy Bear Fitzrovia

I only popped into this place for a quick cocktail. Already on my way home, I was pleasantly welcomed through the doors and pleased to get a seat on a corner sofa near the stairs.

Very comfortable seating and you almost sink into the seats enough to not want to move from there. This is where the table service comes in handy!

First thoughts when I look through the menu are, so many options!

It is unusual for a higher priced place to have such a long list of cocktails – arranged by Martinis (naturally), Champagne cocktails, classics and other twists on classic cocktails.

I was overwhelmed, but picked out the must-try choices for me. We went with the following:

Nuts and Berries: Frangelico, chambord, double cream and chocolate grating

Watermelon Martini: Ketel One vodka, melon liqueur and fresh watermelon

Nuts and Berries might look like a creamy and heavy cocktail, but Crazy Bear has really impressed me with how natural and light this cocktail tasted.

It felt like a light milky but strong Martini with fresh shavings of chocolate. The hint of Frangelico added the only taste you need to feel in this cocktail.

To be honest, I did not taste the Chombard in this drink as the main taste was that of a fresh alcoholic cream/milk with a bit of hazelnut and fresh shaven chocolate and cocoa powder.

If I was a cat, I would like this kind of milk in my milk tray regularly. This cocktail goes on top of my favourites list.

Watermelon Martini was yet another amazing discovery; it tasted just like the juicy watermelon you think about biting into on a hot summer’s day when you place the order for this drink.

You can’t notice the strong and pure vodka which it comes mixed with as the drink is so perfectly mixed that the core of its taste is the only thing you can really taste and notice.The Crazy Bear Fitzrovia

I think the key difference between this Watermelon Martini and all the others I have tasted, is that this one has Melon liquor mixed into it – enhancing the watermelon flavour. I would recommend this drink to anyone who is afraid of the strong Martini cocktails but would like to drink and enjoy them.

I must say that I am so pleasantly surprised about the high quality of cocktail making as I have been to many different cocktail bars and it is so difficult to find such clean-tasting Martini cocktails as I tried in Crazy Bear.

I hope that this is the level they always deliver and I cannot wait to get through the rest of the cocktail menu to find out. The only problem will be trying to not order the same cocktails as before, as they were absolutely exquisite.

I would say Crazy Bear in Fitzrovia is a very cozy lounge bar that would be an amazing first date location or even first five dates to impress someone.

They also sell tapas dishes so you don’t go hungry if you too get so comfortable in their comfortable seating. Great for an intimate catch-up as you could really have a conversation without having to raise your voice over crowd noise. It was an amazing experience.

MM Rating 11 out of 10
Cocktails Rating 10 out of 10
Venue Rating 9 out of 10

[Featured image taken from www.crazybeargroup.co.uk].