July 8, 2016

Are you looking for ways to transform your bar and get it looking fresh and new again? There are a multitude of ways to do so, but most come at a price.

When you’re sporting a low budget, you needn’t have a limited range, because the appearance of your bar influences the number of customers you have.

Learning to get along with your customers is important and so is pleasing them, which is why we’ve found some inexpensive ways to modernise your bar.

Change The Layout Of Your Bar

Cheap Ways You Can Renovate Your Bar

Sometimes you don’t even need to spend a penny to create a new feel. You can do this simply by changing the layout.

Think about your spacing and design carefully as this creates a good or bad first impression when customers first walk through the door. For example, rather than seats sporadically placed, give them purpose. So no matter if someone wants to have a private conversation with a friend or enjoy an alcoholic beverage after a hard day – there’s something for everyone.

Although, do bear in mind the theme of your bar, because your layout can distinguish between a relaxing night out and a crazy one. Keep with the tone and feel you want people to have.

If there are little chairs and more room to dance, then you are expecting people to get up and party, not chill.

Purchase Minimal Accessories For Your Bar

Cheap Ways You Can Renovate Your Bar

It’s typical to find a chalkboard, decorated used liqueur bottle or beautifications on the walls.  Some minimal new decorations can go a long way in renovating the look of your bar.

Keep used alcohol bottles and put fake flowers in them for an ornamental look. You don’t want to add too much to the point that it looks busy and cluttered, but a small accessory here and there can make the world of difference.

The bar itself is the central point, so pay particular attention to decorating this nicely. Keep taps clean and gleaming and if you have pumps which aren’t labelled or have tags hanging off – renew them. People shouldn’t have to ask if you sell a particular drink, they should be able to see if you do.

A sticky bar is the worst. It can put anyone off when you put your drink down and your sleeve is covered with residue from last week’s alcohol. Not only is it essential to keep your work surfaces clean and tidy, but sand them down or purchase new work surfaces and it’ll totally transform the bar’s look from the moment you enter it.

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Update Your Furniture And Fixtures

Cheap Ways You Can Renovate Your Bar

Scuffed chairs, broken legs and old handles don’t look the most appealing. Though investing in new ones can be quite pricey, check out outlet stores such as ebay to acquire a discount.

If you’re absolutely positive that you don’t want to spend a penny, it’s worth purchasing seat covers to make it look like they’re new. Give the handles a wipe down too as they can be unhygienic and look tatty.

For shelves which are looking a little dated, sand them down and stain them a different colour to give a brighter feel to the room. Although you may think they go unnoticed, you’d be surprised at how far a person’s eyes can reach when they first enter your bar.

Light switches, plug sockets and door handles can be included in your small budget so that the place is refurbished with very little hassle. And if you still have the same curtains as the day you opened up, buy neutral-coloured ones.

Carpets look nice and cosy but they’re never suitable for a busy environment and are too hard to maintain. (You can’t exactly request that customers take off their shoes on the way in).

Give your bar a bit of character by taking up the carpet (if you have one) and sanding down the under flooring. This can be incredibly stylish and give your place charisma at a low cost.

Or even replacing an old rug can make a big difference- preferably a darker shade which doesn’t show noticeable dirt marks.

The Exterior Of Your Bar

Cheap Ways You Can Renovate Your Bar

We’re all guilty of judging a shop or restaurant based off of its exterior, and your customers are no different.

A bar which has dirty windows with old paint shavings around the frame isn’t inviting. We’re not implying you need to buy new windows because that’s not exactly cheap, but opt for a regular window cleaner and re-paint the window frames; it’ll make the world of difference.

De-weeding and potting plants on either side of your entrance tells a customer an awful lot about the interior of your bar. General maintenance such as jet washing the pavement and repainting your door can make it look 10 years newer.

Solar panel lights and repainting the brickwork outside are just some simple tricks to keeping things in check and it’ll only cost you about £30.

Obviously we haven’t seen your bar so don’t know what needs doing. But the key is to shop around and spend money on small things which will then have a big impact at the end.

Think like a customer and what they want.

First and foremost, cleanliness and easy access are some areas to expand on. Then, you can concentrate on the finishing touches like re-designing your menu and buying new cocktail glasses.

Sometimes you have to spend money to make money!

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