September 9, 2016

Sometimes we can be guilty of stereotyping bartenders as ballsy individuals with confidence. It’s not very often you see a shy bartender behind, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Some venues are able to attract the right bar staff where the teams just gel, entertain and give great service.

If you’re wary and anxious but aspire to be making cocktails, surrounded by wonderful people, there’s hope for you.

Here are some tips to effectively communicate with customers and build up confidence. After all you’ve chosen a public facing job, so let’s help get you enjoying it.

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Delivering Excellent Customer Service

Can You Be A Bartender If You’re Shy?

The thing is, an excellent bartender is someone who can make great cocktails and make people feel comfortable in their bar, without being loud and talkative. Here are some ways to deliver excellent customer service when you’re shy:

  • Focus on the positive elements of your personality. You may be quiet, but maybe you’re positive, happy or smiley. It’s important that you love yourself in order to set a healthy vibe.
  • Ask questions. It means you don’t have to talk so much and enables you to use your listening skills. Question their day, their favourite drink and where they’re from.
  • Focus on the important parts of your job, such as a friendly smile, making tasty mixes and working hard to serve people.

Shy Bartenders Are Important Too

Can You Be A Bartender If You’re Shy?

As you grow more comfortable in your role, you’ll find that your socialising skills will develop. A passion for your job and the bartending world is a perfect starting point to growing confident.

Spending time with people will enable you to come out of your shell and get to know others, as well as yourself.

The truth is, most people are in bars and restaurants to engage with their friends, not workers behind the bar. Nobody likes the annoying, loud bartender anyway, so it’s better to be shy than irritating.

It might be uncomfortable to relax in a social setting, but remain professional and focus on delivering a great service and not what people are thinking of you.

Don’t be self-aware because nobody is judging you, only yourself. Striving for perfection is impossible, because nobody is perfect. We all say the wrong thing from time to time – just make sure that it’s not rude or offensive.

Refrain from trying to be too funny or liked, because you’re there to do your job and not to make friends. It’s just a bonus if you do, not a red flag if you don’t.

Love yourself and enjoy your job. Making friends and feeling comfortable around others will come in time.