July 24, 2016

I’ll make no apologies for the fact I’m about to write a bar review for where I work. I don’t intend to mislead anyone or present anything other than facts and my personal opinions on the industry and standards it should be achieving.

I write from a place of pride, not arrogance, and you are welcome to experience this first hand.

Everyone wants to feel comfortable at a bar and Café Vin Cinq manage to create that experience for customers. Here’s how…

What You Can Expect From Café Vin Cinq

Café Vin Cinq: A Multi-Award Winning Gem In The Heart of Warwickshire

Recently voted Warwickshire’s best, Cafe Vin Cinq is a small, independent, multi-award winning, charming restaurant and cocktail bar in the center of Rugby – birthplace of the sport and its famous school.

The restaurant and bar overlooks the stunning school buildings and features a magnificent spiral staircase at the centre. Bejewelled with dancing fairly lights and softly illuminated by two exquisite, antique chandeliers, the decor is classic with soft touches of shabby chic.

Currently undergoing some redecoration, the classic lines of the interior are being sharpened and the mood presented more on a modern French decorative palette.

The restaurant which occupies the ground and first floor specialises in freshly prepared dishes, using locally supplied and seasonal ingredients.

When you start your visit, you are welcomed with a warm, friendly and professional greeting. Seemingly you are visiting friends and immediately put at ease by the team. Manager Anna Stansbie, when asked about recruitment comments:

“A question regularly asked by guests, when referring specifically to our staff…

‘All your staff are so smiley and helpful. How on earth do you recruit them?’

The Service For Café Vin Cinq

Café Vin Cinq: A Multi-Award Winning Gem In The Heart of Warwickshire

The prerequisites have to be that staff are vivacious, clean and sparkly, articulate and kind.  They have to be fast learners. They must have impeccable manners and an unimpeachable desire to help.

We say to our guests… ‘if a member of our family brought this individual home as a prospective paramour, would we be tickled pink?  If the answer is as resounding ‘YES’ then we hire. If the answer is a bit of a shirty ‘NO’, then we usually don’t!”

An offer of a drink and perusal of the menu on the top floor cocktail bar should not be missed.

The bar overlooks the famous Rugby school and is wonderfully decorated. Plush red velvet chaise lounge style seats, leather sofas and high tables and chairs offer something for everyone. The lighting is subtle and ever changing as the night goes on. As is the soundtrack of music.

The bar varies from a smooth and chilled lounge to a busy, vibrant bar with clientele from 18 to 108. The menu is approximately 50 percent created onsite – meaning new and exciting cocktails await your discovery alongside the classics.

A huge fresh selection of fruits garnish the bar and they aren’t just decoration, but are used. The fresh colours of citrus are set against lush red berries, soft passion fruits, kiwis and pineapple leaves.

This is a bar which works with the best it can obtain. The bar is backed by a beautifully lit spirit collection, which considering its size, is more than ample.

My team are highly trained, professional mixologists. All enthusiastic about their craft and ready to dazzle, they are passionate about their work.

As we hope our guests will attest, if Café Vin Cinq had a formal motto, it would be ‘The answer is yes, now we just have to work out how to do it’. Disappointing guests is simply not acceptable and it’s in this that we shine as a business.

We are aimed at pleasure for all who visit. I personally consider it my job to ensure EVERY guest leaves happy. If you ask my team for it, and we can do it, we will.

So, you see, we are widely known (and awarded) for our exceptional hospitality and our passionate, articulate and dynamic staff. Café Vin Cinq provides an exceptional dining experience, where the customers’ needs are anticipated… and we hope, exceeded.

Highlights Of Café Vin Cinq

Café Vin Cinq: A Multi-Award Winning Gem In The Heart of Warwickshire

Since opening our doors in 2010, the last years have been the highlight of Café Vin Cinq’s tenure at 25 High Street.

All our hard work, passion, long hours and fantastically cheerful staff have been recognised, and we have been deeply humbled to win not one, but six extremely prestigious awards.

Firstly, at the Rugby Business Excellence Awards 2014, we won in the category Excellence in Customer Care. Our second award was winning the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence.

This highly coveted, global award is bestowed only on the top 10 percent of the finest businesses throughout the world.

Earlier in 2015, we were granted our third award when our cocktail bar-  BarTwentyFive was voted Rugby’s Best Bar; another real heart-racing success!

In July 2015, we won our forth award; the TripAdvisor Hall of Fame. The TripAdvisor Hall of Fame is a global award, given only to the top 2 percent of businesses throughout the world.

This is given exclusively to companies who have won TripAdvisor’s yearly award and the Certificate of Excellence, for five consecutive years. Café Vin Cinq is now in its fifth year and has won this award every year since it opened.

Café Vin Cinq’s fifth and sixth awards were presented during last year’s Business Excellence Awards.  The fifth won was the Marketing and Communication award, and then we almost fell off our perch when, at the same event, we bagged ‘the big one’ – the most important and highly prized award of all – our sixth award for the Overall Business Award of the Year.

As if we hadn’t reached our peak, imagine our surprise to be honoured with a public voted award as Warwickshire’s Best restaurant and bar.

However touched and humbled we are by receiving these awards, we must never, not for one moment, forget that we are just a little restaurant and cocktail bar in Rugby, with a passion for the very best food, the very best staff and absolutely the very best guests to be found.

Come and break bread with us. We promise you’ll come back as a friend.

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