August 9, 2017

Budweiser Budvar redefines the beer cocktail with six new recipes from the UK’s leading mixologists

Iconic Czech beer brand Budvar has teamed up with some of the UK’s leading mixologists to create six original beer cocktails – or ‘Hoptails’ – that you’re definitely going to want to try.

Budvar Hoptails event

Our event will showcase how these magnificent hoptails are made.  Grill the Budvar team at the first masterclass with award winning mixologist Stuart Binks.  The first event will be at Victory Mansion, Stoke Newington on 16th August (details below). We made the start time 6pm so you can drink, chat and still make your shift.

Where: Victory Mansion, Stoke Newington, London
When: Wednesday 16th August 2017, 6pm
How: Email Danielle at to get on the guest list

The making of a Budvar Hoptail

The Hoptails were designed to complement (or contrast) Budvar’s hop and malt tones by elevating and celebrating their ‘flavour’.  Bringing other ingredients into the shaker the mixologists have created cocktails that transcends the sum of their parts.  While always respecting the taste and qualities of its core ingredient, the beer.

Given no constraints, the guys have been free to let their imaginations run wild. The only prerequisite uniting them all is that they start with the base of Budweiser Budvar beer.  Working with the unmistakable aroma of whole-cone Saaz hops and the rich tones of the barley malts from the Hana Valley in Moravia.

Find out more about the hoptails

A short film showcasing each creation and creator will launch each and every BUDVAR Hoptail. Each is being released as episodes in the BUDVAR HOPTAILS series via YouTube and the Budvar’s story hub:

So, About the venue

Victory Mansion is a beautiful, hand-built neighbourhood bar in Stoke Newington, London and it’s owned by…bartenders!

It offers world-class cocktails and eclectic fusion food cooked by resident and guest chefs from leading restaurants. For that reason, you know they’ll do a cracking Sunday lunch.

Stuart Binks

So, on the 16th of august, co-owner Stuart Binks will be demo-ing his creationg; the Victory Plum Brew, the Budvar Hoptail he created.  He will be happy to wax lyrical about the bar, the cocktails list and Budvar beer.

“I started working behind the bar 17 years ago in a Beach Hotel in Perth Western Australia. Two years ago on a drunk night out with a group of friends decided we decided we wanted to open our own place.  So I now own (with the others) Victory Mansion a small cocktail bar/restaurant in Stoke Newington, London.”

We look forward to seeing you at this exciting event.

Remember to email Danielle at to get on the guest list

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