March 30, 2016

Walking past the Social Eating House twice a day for the past 12 months, I never realised the door next to it; humorously labelled ‘Opticians’ was the entrance to a dark, glowing and subtly uplifting cocktail bar with a great, filling snack menu – The Blind Pig.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of bars in London to succumb to your cocktail desires, but The Blind Pig is a treasure of happiness and satisfaction.

My Experience Of The Blind Pig

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I decide to test the grounds with the doorman as I show up at the bar without a booking and ask for some assistance in getting some spectacles as my vision is blurred. Unfortunately, the joke nose-dived as the doorman made no connection with the Opticians joke and the name of the Bar.

Professional and polite at all times, he instead checks for availability and luck is with us as we get shown in.

Luckily, there was space for me and my date to pop in for a few drinks and we managed to secure a table at last minute’s notice.

We walk upstairs to the bar and find ourselves in a very social, yet not overly loud social bar.

The lights are dim but it doesn’t look dark – lots of small round tables are all lit up in comfortable small candle light, creating little social circles all over the venue.

The pleasant quiet chatter of these little circles really gives the place a warm welcoming. 

We settle down at our own small round social table, in a warming candle light and observe the menu.

As we skim through the menu we notice the music playing and are surprised it isn’t the usual ‘background’ or commercial music you often find at cocktail bars. It sounded like a good mix of oldskool hiphop/funk and very uplifting, yet not loud enough for it to intervene with your conversations.

The Cocktail Menu At The Blind Pig

The Blind Pig For Pure Cocktail Satisfaction

I spot the word ‘Vesper’ on the cocktail menu and immediately make that drink my default choice. I then calm down a bit to look through the rest of the menu, picking out all the choices taking my fancy.

I feel like I am getting greedy with trying all the inviting choices in one order, but soon realise that would be very impractical. In the end, we opt for the following favourites:

– Vitamin C Vesper: 3 citrus infused Absolut Elyx vodka, Langley’s no 8 gin, Cocchi Americano, lemon oils

– McBandaq: Germana cachaca, banana, fresh lime, aged vanilla, root beer syrup, condensed milk, takeaway cup

– Kindergarten Cup: Skittles washed Ketel One, Aperol, lemon, egg white, ‘Wham Bar’ syrup, bitters logo

Vitamin C Vesper

All I’m thinking is ‘Martini cocktail’ in disguise. I haven’t had a good fruity Martini in a while, so I am very excited about this choice.

It seems the best things come in the most ordinary disguises! I always look at citrus drinks and think I already know what they will taste like. This cocktail was a pleasant surprise and really enjoyable.

The taste was clean, fresh and sharp at first and when you release your sip and let the drink swirl around your mouth, you taste the bitter-sweetness of the citrus infused spirit, the mix of honey-like Cocchi Americano and the smooth texture of Langley’s gin.

The two worlds lingering in my tastebuds and memory are sweet and fresh. If there is anyone out there who doesn’t like Martini cocktails, then this drink would win them over  – sophisticated, young and fresh!

The Blind Pig For Pure Cocktail Satisfaction


The sight of the takeaway drink cup brings back memories of milkshakes and days out at fun fares. I am bursting in anticipation of the banana and condensed milk taste and that’s exactly what I taste first when I take a sip.

Then, the real taste of the cocktail comes fore: The oaky maturity of the Germana cachaca really comes through the banana milkshake and only after a few sips do I understand the great combination of the banana and sugar cane lands that the cachaca has originated from.

I do feel that this drink should have surprised a bit more with not-so-closely-linked flavours, as banana is a tough one to blend in a drink. But being a heavy fruit, it allows the base of the cocktail to really shine and surprise you as the lasting end flavour and experience.

Kindergarten Cup

Beautifully vibrant presentation and candy sweet taste.

It took me a while to really taste the mixed skittles as there simply isn’t any other way to describe this flavour. But also because the taste is not vague but like a full bag of skittles.

I did think that this was similar to the all-time-favourite Pornstar Martini many places have, but with a more unique taste. Plus, the egg white made sure the presentation was still up there with the more serious drinks.

There has been much talk about skittle- flavoured vodka, yet not once have I come across it actually being sold in a nice bar like this. It was a treat in a cocktail glass!

Overall, this was definitely a great experience of flavours and awakened my fun side of cocktail tastes. I found something for every taste bud in just a few cocktails.

All I have to say is – I must return to try the rest of the menu and make sure I taste the ever inviting Duck Fat Chips with Curry Aioli!

The Blind Pig left me in a great mood – relaxed, but buzzing and with the feeling like I have just had a chat about my memories, as the music and drinks kept reminding me of things I really love and should have more of.

It’s a great place for a romantic and fun date, or for getting together with friends and relaxing after a hard day’s work.

Guaranteed mood uplift and cocktail satisfaction.

MM Rating: 9 out of 10
Cocktails Rating: 9 out of 10
Venue Rating: 10 out of 10

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