May 19, 2016

In many small towns, it can be difficult (and sometimes absolutely impossible) to find a decent restaurant in Toronto to dine at, let alone one with a nice atmosphere and delicious food.

For a long while, this was the case in Elliot Lake, a small town in Northern Ontario with a population shy of 11,500 people.

With a large number of my family members living in this area, I have been making the 6+ hour drive to visit from Toronto several times a year throughout my entire life.

My favourite cousin and I used to stick to restaurants we considered “safe” – places like McDonald’s or Tim Hortons – for lunches and dinners when we decided to eat out.

The Fireside Classic Grill

In 2011, Fireside Classic Grill opened up and all of Elliot Lake was thrilled to try out the town’s newest dining opportunity.

Many similar establishments have gone under within a few years due to a lack of popularity among the people in the area, but Fireside has made it five years and is still going strong.

Since the year it opened up, my cousin and I have made sure to incorporate a dinner there into the itinerary of our sometimes quite short trips together.

Here is the place where we catch up on the months that we’ve been apart from each other, all while eating delicious food. It’s so easy to feel comfortable in an environment that’s welcoming, warm, and decorated beautifully.

It almost feels like you’re chatting away in the comfort of your own home.

For years, I have been opting for the wild mushroom ravioli off the dinner menu; I tried it the very first time I came to the restaurant, and I actually look forward to the next time, just so that I can eat it again.

Best Dining Experience in Ontario’s Scenic Elliot Lake

It’s the kind of pasta that you dream about, I tell you. When I visited the restaurant last week however, I convinced myself to try something new: the Caesar chicken wrap.

Yes it was mouthwatering – as to be expected with perfectly grilled chicken, creamy dressing, crisp lettuce, and deliciously warm French fries on the side – but you can get a Caesar wrap (albeit not usually as good as this one) in many other restaurants.

For this reason, I suggest getting the ravioli, if ever you have the opportunity to go. Or maybe just order both… I really would not judge you in the slightest.

During this particular excursion, I also decided to try an appetizer and selected the mozzarella sticks on a whim. Guess what? Those were tasty, too (no surprise there).

With all of their food being so good, I definitely would like to check out the restaurant for another meal, like breakfast or lunch. Dessert is another course that always tempts me, but I have usually stuffed myself silly on appetizers and the extremely filling entrée, that there is never enough room for sweets afterward.

This never stops me from debating between the dessert poutine and doughnut holes for 10 minutes before realising there’s actually zero space in my stomach for more food.

Fireside Classic Grill is definitely the kind of place that you have to stop at if you’re in or nearby Elliot Lake. The town and surrounding area is beyond stunning, and worth any duration of driving to reach.

If you happen to be in town, let us know what you think. Did you love Fireside as much as I did?

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