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Staz Christo - Cocktail Bartender / Mixologist

About the Bartender

My bartending journey started in Greece when I was still a teenager. Recently moved to SF to become a computer scientist but after finishing college I figured out I enjoy more working with people than with Algorithms. Today I have a lot of loyal clients that enjoy my creations and come back for more.

  • January/2016 - December/2017: Hilton - Embassy Suites Hotels - Head Bartender
  • May/2011 - October/2011: Karavi Beach Bar - Bar Supervisor
  • October/2015 - December/2015: Block 34, American Bar - Cocktail Bartender / Mixologist
  • January/2017 - Present: Event Bartender - Cocktail Bartender / Mixologist
Speciality Drinks
  • Taste of Earth: Amaro Driven cocktail, adapts earthy flavors with a sweet base liquor (usually bourbon or rye), finally adding some fresh squeezed citrus to give freshness and vibrancy! Cocktails are adapted to each persons taste and palette.
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Favourite Drink

Favourite Drink: Vino Spirit

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