October 4, 2016

“A diet Coke please”. Every single time me and my friends are socialising in a bar, we order the same dreary beverage.

It’s become our signature staple and we’ve become quite adroit at differentiating between Pepsi Max, Diet Pepsi and other members of the family.

Sipping on the same drink every visit doesn’t excite our taste buds anymore and we feel punished as non-drinkers with small selections.

Non-Drinkers Aren’t A Bar’s Priority

Should Bars Be Catering For Non-Drinkers?

When the event calls for it, we absolutely will order a Gin and Tonic or a delectable cocktail to celebrate in style. To support a bar, customers need to visit and splash out more than £2 on making one drink last all night.

But most of the time, we’re driving or simply don’t feel in the mood for an alcoholic mix. There’s nothing wrong with that. We’re not moping around at home doing nothing with our lives, nor are we making a drunken scene in a bar.

Our local bar requires x-ray vision of the soft choices hidden behind shelves of liquors. Bottles of J20 are secretly placed in fridges and you can’t even see what flavours there are. When you ask if they have the latest edition, it’s a disappointing no, or worse – they don’t know what you’re talking about.

Plus, there aren’t many sugarless options, which with sensitive teeth, you have to be careful of. Even a simple bottle of water is often alienated.

Shouldn’t bars be welcoming the drivers, non-drinkers and weight conscious customers?

Expand Soft Drinks Menu

Should Bars Be Catering For Non-Drinkers?

At least a whole two-pages are dedicated to the alcohol extravaganza in most bars and restaurants. Pushed to the side, are the outdated drinks which were also available 10 years ago; Pepsi, lemonade, orange juice and a handful more.

Where are the exciting mocktails? Take TGI Fridays for example; they have a highly-respected mocktails menu bursting with delicious flavours to encourage the outcasts.

Here are a couple of their fruit mixes:

  • Raspberry SublimeFresh raspberries and mint with sugar syrup, lime juice, soda and crushed ice.
  • Passionate SunrisePassion fruit and citrus juices with BOLS Grenadine, topped with orange juice.

I can vouch for these delicious drinks , plus their other selections. The bartenders even allow you to customise the ingredients. Their mocktails range is also made with as much attention, time and care as their cocktail line. You even have to spend a few minutes looking through their choices before making up your mind.

That to me is an excellent sign of welcoming people with all tastes!

Plus, at around £3, they’re making an extra pound per glass compared to typical cordials. It’s good for everyone all round.

In this world where we are becoming more taste savvy and aware of what we’re putting into our body, it’d be amazing to see bars follow suit. Stop making customers feel less of a priority for ordering a soft drink and widen your menu to greet guests time and time again.

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