January 31, 2018

Bar Jobs on All Bartenders

Find hospitality staff and fill your bartender vacancies all in one place.

Are you looking for bar staff or waiting staff? Is there a position in hospitality that you need filled?

Now you can create your bar jobs and hospitality vacancies here.

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Why post your bartender jobs with us?

We offer completely free job listings for as many bar jobs as you want to list.

You can post jobs for a single venue or multiple venues from within a single account.

Manage the jobs you post from within your account.

You can:

  1. Edit your job post to update the description etc.
  2. Mark the position as filled, so you’ll stop receiving applications
  3. Delete the job entirely to remove any mention of the job or your brand from the jobs list
  4. Easily create a new job from a previous job post, to save you typing all the details out again
  5. Make your post be on for a day , a month or longer
  6. You can even push your job listing to the top of the pile to make it stand out (a small fee applies)
  7. create your bar jobs and hospitality vacancies here.

Manage your applicants within your account

You can:

  1. Rank each applicant so you can easily and quickly see the people you potentially would like to interview
  2. Set them to different status, such as interviewed, offered job, rejected etc
  3. Make private notes about each applicant
  4. and much more

We’re also free for job seekers

Job seekers get free alerts when jobs relevant to what they’re looking for get posted

We have just revamped the bartender job side of our site and want you to join us as we grow our bar and hospitality focused job site.

If you have any questions just get in touch

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